What Boat Safety Equipment Should You Have Onboard?

Boating Safety Equipment

by Luke on October 5, 2010

It’s coming round to that time of year – particularly when it’s been a long cold summer for us down in the southern states. If you’re getting your boat ready for summer then it’s time to check our boat safety equipment.

Area of Operation
Item Quantity Smooth Inshore Offshore
Anchor with chain and/or line 1 Y Y Y
Bilge pump or bailer (B1) (B2) Y Y Y
Compass 1 NR NR Y
Distress Signal NRorange smoke handheld 2 NR Y Y
Distress Signal NRred hand-held distress flare 2 NR Y Y
Distress SignalNRred star parachute distress rocket 2 NR NR Y
Fire bucket 1 Y Y Y
Fire extinguisher (F1) (F2) Y Y Y
Marine radio 1 NR NR Y
Navigation lights (N1) (N2) Y Y Y
Paddles or oars/rowlocks (P1) Y Y Y
PFD 1 (P) NR Y Y
PFD 1, 2 or 3 (P) Y NR NR
Waterproof/buoyant torch 1 Y Y Y

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