Mercury 240 EFI

Mercury 240 EFI(click image to enlarge)

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  • Large 7.25" diameter pump pushes more water through the pump for greater thrust, superior effeciency, maximum acceleration and ski towing capability.
  • Rubber-isolated engine mounting system isolates engine vibrations to give you a smooth, comfortable ride and never requires adjustments or alignment.
  • Unique, multi-step painting process includes chemical treatment, EDP and chrome epoxy primers and abrasion resistant acrylic paint baked to a hard, corrosion-resistant finish.
  • Stainless steel impeller with variable pitch provides superior propulsive efficiency, performance and durability.
  • Low maintenance pump requires only annual lubrication maintenance on all pump bearings, no need to disassemble pump parts to change oil.
  • SmartCraft compatible engine allows for up-to-the-second engine gauge information and gives advanced warning of possible problems.
  • Automatic bilge siphon system keeps your engine compartment dry whenever the engine is running, even when the electric bilge pump fails to operate.
  • High-thrust, dual outlet reverse gate provides unmatched reverse thrust for backing off trailers and maneuverability when backing up.
  • Fully integrated, easy-to-use engine flush port helps keep cooling system clean from saltwater corrosion and debris.


  • HP @ Impeller 240 (179 kW)
  • Max RPM (WOT) 5500-6000
  • Cylinder/Configuration V-6 (60-degree vee)
  • Displacement (CID/cc) 153/2507
  • Bore & Stroke (in) 3.50 x 2.65
  • Bore & Stroke (mm) 88.9 x 67.3
  • Fuel Induction System Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Ignition System PCM digital inductive
  • Alternator 60 amp/756 watt (belt-driven)
  • Weight (lbs / kg) 341/155 (engine and pump)
  • Lubrication System Electronically controleld, single-point, variable-ratio oil injection
  • Flush System Standard
  • Cooling System Self-draining
  • Starting Computer-controlled, electric with auto-prime and turn-key
  • Operator Warning System Engine Guardian - over-rev, overheat, low oil level, low battery voltage, oil system failure, water in fuel, low water pressure, engine sensor failure, knock/detonation protection against low-quality fuel
  • SmartCraft Yes
  • Pump Type Mixed flow / high volume
  • Impeller Diameter (inches) 7.25
  • Impeller Diameter (millimeters) 184
  • Impeller Type 4-blade progressive pitch stainless steel
  • Trim System Adjustable plate
  • Gear Ratio 1.25:1
  • Exhaust System Tuned through-transom with dual mufflers, 3" outlets
  • Gear Shift F-N-R with high thrust dual outlet reverse gate