Mercruiser Bravo Two X

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Handle the Biggest Boats with Authority.
Twin applications up to 55 mph for gas engines up to 450 hp

The unique Bravo Two drive has an unmatched ability to maximize lift and thrust for cruisers and houseboats without breaking a sweat. Due to the girth of the gearcase, Bravo Two is capable of accommodating a huge 20-inch diameter prop with deeper gear ratios. This allows the Bravo Two to deliver high thrust around the dock, a quick time to plane and improved fuel economy putting you in control.
Available Models Bravo Two®, Bravo Two X®, Bravo Two Diesel X


  • Precision shimmed near-net forged helical steel gears for quiet operation and durability
  • XK 360 low copper alloy for corrosion resistance
  • Tri-Paint System (Irridite, EDP & Powder Paint) creates a tough, durable corrosion resistant barrier
  • Armored trim lines protect hydraulic system from debris
  • Flow-Torq II Propeller Hub – The “Weekend Saver” protects the entire drive from damage, not just the lower unit


  • Bravo One's performance torpedo & Dual Water Pick-ups that allow high X-Dimensions make it the industry leader for performance applications
  • Large propellers on Bravo Two maximize lift and thrust for large boats under 55 mph
  • Twin props & large rudder area with Bravo Three allows uncompromised handling for single-engine boats up to 65 mph
  • Trim limit switch trims drive angle for maximum performance every time
  • Through-Prop exhaust maximizes power and reduces noise levels


  • Drive Lube Monitor – Alarm warns if drive lube is low. Engine mounting allows easy inspection and fill without the cost to pull a boat from the water.
  • Permalube ® U-Joint – Virtually No Maintenance Required
  • Maintenance Free Hinge Pins – No added cost to pull a boat from the water
  • Greaseable Drive Coupler – No added cost to pull a boat from the water
  • Greaseable Gimbal Bearing – Do not need to remove the drive for service


  • Power Trim XD ® Automatically Returns the Drive to the Water to Maintain Full Control of Boat in Case of an Emergency
  • MerCathode® monitors the galvanic potential of the drive and counteracts corrosion with a metered electrical charge providing continuous cathodic protection
  • Engine Guardian System® with MPI engines protects the drive from damage from low lubricant levels


  • Maximum Power Capacity 450 HP (332 KW)
  • Lower Unit Design Performance Torpedo
  • Max. Propeller Diameter 1 X 20"
  • Water Inlet Location Strut
  • Clutch Type High-Strength Smooth-Shift Cone Clutch with F-N-R
  • Available Gear Ratios 1.81, 2.00, 2.20:1
  • Counter-Rotation Standard
  • Upper Unit Gear Set Precision Shimmed Assembly with Near-Net Forged Helical Gears, Steel Chimney Bearing Supports, Reinforced Ribbed Top Cap
  • Lower Unit Gear Set Precision Shimmed Assembly Forged Bevel Gears with Twin Counter Rotating Propshafts for Bravo Three
  • Propshaft Material Heat-Treated Stainless Steel
  • Standard Exhaust Outlet Low-Restriction Through Transom or Through Propeller
  • Required Propeller Hub Type Rubber Hub
  • Recommended Lubricant Mercury High-Performance Gear Lube
  • Monitoring System Drive Lube Monitor w/Audio Warning or Engine Guardian®
  • Corrosion Warranty 3-Year, Limited
  • Housing Construction XK 360 Low-copper Alloy Machined for Large Bearings
  • Corrosion Protection Tri-Paint, Anodes & MerCathode® Electronic Corrosion Prevention
  • Anode Type Ultra-Pure Aluminum Anodes or Magnesium Anode Kit
  • Speedometer Pick-up Integrated Into Lower Housing, Digital Output Optional
  • Steering System Single Cylinder Power Steering with Anti-Feedback
  • Steering Range 56° Range Stop to Stop, Digital Output Optional
  • U-Joint Type Heavy Duty Permalube® Virtually Maintenance-Free
  • Power Trim System Twin-Cylinder Hydraulic Featuring Power Trim XD® Kick-up Return
  • Typical Trim Range -5° to 11°
  • Trim Limit Switch Adjustable Limit Analog or Digital - Engine Dependant
  • Trailer Limit 46°
  • Trim Hinge Pin Design Permanently Lubricated - No Maintenance Required
  • Hydraulic Trim Lines Stainless Steel Braided Armor
  • Drive Coupler Greaseable From Inside Boat
  • Drive Weight 141 lbs. (64 kg)