D6-350/DP Volvo Penta

D6-350/DP Volvo Penta(click image to enlarge)

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The 350 hp D6 is the world's most powerful diesel sterndrive ever. Large displacement and the latest technology throughout give exceptional performance combinedwith low fuel consumption and emission levels that complies with emission requirements introduced in the EU and USA from 2006.

The basic design
The D6 is a 6-cylinder marine diesel engine with common rail high-pressure fuel injection, double overhead camshafts, 4 valves per cylinder, turbocharger, aftercooler and on D6-350 mechanical compressor. The displacement is 5.5 litres.

It is extremely compact considering its large swept volume, high output and unique marine torque.

Common rail and 4-valve technology
The fuel system is electronically controlled common rail high-pressure fuel injection, working at a pressure of 1,600 bars. In combination with turbo, 4-valve technology and a large swept volume, it ensures superior fuel efficiency.

The result is a combination of really high power and low fuel consumption with truly minimal emissions of exhaust fumes and sound that are impossible to achieve with traditional engine technology.

Extremely compact
The engine is extremely compact considering its large swept volume and high power output. With the rear end transmission driving the high-pressure injection pump and the camshaft, a high degree of integrated systems, a high-efficiency aftercooler, a marinization performed with few hoses, and a fully symmetric engine, the package is extremely compact making it possible to install more power in the engine room.

More comfort
Low noise and minimal vibrations are high-priority properties of the D6. The engine block is cast in a single die and is extremely robust. A ladder frame is placed between the engine block and crankcase to reinforce and further stiffen the construction. All of these factors contribute to really low vibration and sound levels.

Low emissions
The common rail system in combination with an advanced combustion system sets a new standard for minimizing exhaust emissions.

Overall exhaust emissions are extremely low. The D6 complies with the EU 2006 and also with the significantly more stringent 2006/2007 US emission regulations.

EVC – Electronic Vessel Control
EVC with electrical shift and throttle is the new common platform for engine and driveline control, instrumentation, accessories and efficient servicing. It offers a higher level of integration in your boat: electrical shift and throttle for smooth and safe control, new power trim control, a complete new range of easy-to-read data link gauges, a large LCD display and much more, everything in just one CAN cable.

115 amp alternator
Modern boats tend to carry more and more power-consuming features such as navigators, autopilots, fridges etc. The D6 features a powerful 115 amp marine alternator with a Zener diode to protect the system from peak voltage and an integrated charging regulator with battery sensor for efficient charging of single or multiple battery banks.

Easier Service
The engine has the following features for easier service:
- Top mounted oil filter (easy accessible) with a closure
valve – no oil spillage when replacing the filter.
- Hydraulic lash adjusters for automatic valve clearance
– no manual adjustment are needed.
- Oil deep-stick on both sides of the engine for easy
- The camshafts are driven by a cam-chain equipped by an
automatic chain tensioner.
- The engine is prepared for assembling a stationary oil
pump for easier change of oil.

The DP and DPR drives
The DP and DPR Duoprop drives have been developed exclusively for the D4 and D6 engines, thus delivering excellent performance and high reliability. The modern styling, the hydrodynamic design for low drag, and integrated exhaust system and seawater intake make the package complete.

The fully hydraulic and further developed X-act power steering offers precise handling with excellent driving feel. The propeller series has been developed for the D4 and D6 characteristics with excellent efficiency.



cyl Displacement
248/337 257/350 3500 6 3.5/336