Riva 115’ Athena

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Queen of the Flagships

The elegance of this 35-metre yacht continues to capture the esteem of those who can recognize a Riva craftsmanship when they see one.

The punchy bow, the advanced deckhouse, the distinguished colours and the precious woods that even cover the walkways all go to make this boat a perfect match of modernity and sophisticated style. There are numerous quality features that make the 115’ Athena such a surprising boat. First of all, the size, which make this vessel a very semi-custom megayacht. Though the design of the vessel itself cannot be changed, the owner can actually decide on the interior layout and count on the skills of Officina Italiana Design, the design agency responsible for the exterior and interior design of all Riva boats, and on the skills of Riva’s Engineering department. The owner can, in fact, choose from a wide range of high quality woods and fabrics, the pairing that best suits his taste and needs. The 115’ Athena represents the ideal time for all the clients of this historic shipyard to fashion their unique traits into a project that will retain, whatever happens, the Riva style. The number of guest cabins may vary from 4 to 5, while the dining area has a separate entrance for the crew members, thus guaranteeing guests the highest degree of privacy. The painstaking care to detail and the attention paid to the design make up the leitmotiv found in all of the areas in the 115’ Athena, where there are important pieces made by some of the most prominent modern Italian designers, like the basins the bathrooms have been built around. Furthermore, the harmony and elegance develop into a very real sort of “lounge” philosophy which can be found in the tiniest of detail. The lounge atmosphere can be felt in the corridors and in the various areas thanks to the large windows, which allow a great deal of natural light to enter. One special feature of this model is the skylounge, located on the fly, which is closed off by two large windows that allow a wonderful 360° view and which can comfortably take ten people. This very special area, which has been designed for the standard version as an air-conditioned media-room or an additional cosy relaxing salon, can be completely redesigned to meet the taste of the owner, even as an extra cabin. The rest of the fly has been designed for the pleasantries of life in the open like, for example, a relaxing lie in the Jacuzzi whirlpool bath, included in the standard version. Even this feature can be changed to the owner’s need. When you are surrounded with such quality, class and luxury, the cruises offered by the 115’ Athena turn into an unforgettable experience.

2 * MTU 12 V 4000 M 90
Power 2775 Mhp / 2040 kW at 2100 rpm
SPEED in knots 
Maximum speed: 27 knots
Cruising speed: 23 knots
RANGE in nautical miles - prediction data
Maximum speed: 600 m.n.
Crusing speed: 680 m.n.
Loa = Overall length (standard ISO 8666): 35,40 m. - 116 ft. 2 in.
Lh = Hull length (standard ISO 8666): 35,30 m. - 115 ft. 10 in.
Lwl = Waterline length (boat fully laden): 29,48 m. - 96 ft. 9 in.
Maximum beam: 7,08 m. - 23 ft. 3 in.
Depth under propellers (boat fully laden): 2,05 m. - 6 ft. 9 in.
Displacement unladen: 136,00 t. - 299829 lbs.
Displacement laden: 162,00 t. - 357149 lbs.
Maximum number of people on board: 20
Navigation category CE 2003/44: A
Classification: RINA S.p.A. 100-A-1.1"Y"
Hull type: 15° deadrise Monohedron hull with spray rails
H = Overall height from keel to roll-bar: 8,35 m. - 27 ft. 5 in.
Ht = Minimum transport height from keel: 8,35 m. - 27 ft. 5 in.
P1 = Pulpit: 0,00 m. - 0 ft. 0 in.
P2 = Platform connected to the hull: 0,00 m. - 0 ft. 0 in.
Fuel tanks capacity: 23450 lt. - 6195 US gals.
Water tanks capacity: 4000 lt. - 1057 US gals.
The performance is estimated at the following conditions: 148,65 t. - 327715 lbs.
standard version displacement of the yacht, at half liquid load, clean hull, 25° C air temperature, good weather conditions, 8 people on board. 
Overloading the yacht by: 2,0 t. - 4409 lbs.
Top speed decreases of:  1 Knot