New generation Verado AFC win

New generation Verado AFC win(click image to enlarge)

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New generation Verado helps Team Mercury
secure first ever AFC win

After six rounds of tough, competitive fishing Team Mercury has won the 5th annual Australian Fishing Championship (AFC).

It’s the first time that the prestigious crown has been claimed by Team Mercury, which has been part of the series since the very beginning.

The team’s three specialists Matthew Mott (Bass), Darren “Dizzy” Borg (Bream) and 18-year-old Kerrin Taylor (Barra) took the title by six points in the end, but it all came down to the sixth and final round of competition.

“It was really exciting fishing,” said AFC Executive Producer, Steve Morgan. “It could have gone two ways on the final day but Team Mercury held on. They put in a great team effort. The three guys all fished well and no-one was being carried”.

Verado lends a hand

To give the guys every chance of success, Mercury Marine powered the team boat – a Stratos Bass Boat – with a new generation 150 hp Verado supercharged FourStroke which was air freighted from the US to ensure it arrived in time for round one.

“I was surprised by the power,” said Dizzy Borg, who used the boat first in the opening two rounds. “I was pulling out of the hole and hitting top speed faster than the guys with two strokes.

“When I told my teammate Matthew that I was getting the jump on the other guys he said ‘No way – it’s a four stroke’ but I said wait till you try it and you’ll find out.”

And the noise?

“What noise? It doesn’t make any,” Dizzy laughed.

The new generation Verados - from 135hp to 300hp - represent a giant step forward in outboard performance, delivering better power, higher top speeds, and greater fuel efficiency. They also have the lowest noise/vibration/harshness result in the industry.

Team Mercury also used a MotorGuide Tour Series trolling motor, which thrived under the harsh conditions of competitive fishing.

“They’re all I ever use,” Dizzy said. “I have them on my own boats and they never give you any trouble.”