New Verado 350 SCi

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Mercury Racing has introduced the all-new Verado 350 SCi – a superb in-line six-cylinder outboard which will give speed-lovers more power and better performance than any comparable engine.
From the top cowl to the all-new gear case, the new Verado 350 SCi is designed to exceed expectations in product quality, reliability and performance by combing the brains of Verado with the brawn of Mercury Racing.
The engine’s performance comes from a 2.6-litre supercharged engine which features electronically controlled sequential multi-port fuel injection, four valves per cylinder, double overhead cam design, a charge-air cooler and electronic boost bypass control.
The new top cowl design, with fresh air intakes on the top and front, helps maintain consistent engine operating temperatures by circulating cool air around the powerhead and associated components. The cowl design also channels fresh air directly to the supercharger thereby improving power and performance.
The Verado 350 SCi is super-reliable, with the strength, toughness and durability recreational boaters and offshore sport anglers demand.
An all-new sand-cast driveshaft housing has been created for enhanced durability. Stainless steel guide plates with fibre wear pads and high-performance engine mounts enhance engine stability at high speeds
A brand new, hydrodynamic gearcase has also been added to handle the engine’s high torque and power output.
And there’s no need to worry about noise. Patented sound-dampening technology means this high performance outboard is remarkably quiet.
The Verado 350 SCi also comes with SmartStart - all you have to do is turn the key and release, and the engine will start automatically.
Electro-hydraulic power steering and SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) provide for an exceptionally smooth and responsive driving experience combined with sports car-like handling and performance.

With a limited two-year warranty, the exciting Verado 350 SCi will be available before Christmas. The 25” and 30” versions will be on sale through all Mercury Verado dealers, with the 20” model sold through race dealers only.