DS 54 FB Digital Motorguides

DS 54 FB Digital Motorguides(click image to enlarge)

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Once you venture out for a day's fishing, you don't want to be second - guessing your trolling motor. The Digital Steering Series features an advanced digital steering module that is fully sealed in epoxy, to protect against moisture. With the flexibility to be operated from anywhere in the boat and torque-free heel/toe functionality, the DS Series defines responsiveness and ease-of-use. And with Digital Guardian in the lower unit, the DS Series offers outstanding durability and performance in a superior quality motor.

Digital power from 54 to 82 pounds of thrust with 12 volt and 24 volt power options
Completely sealed Digital Guardian module is protected from heat, moisture, corrosion and shock, greatly improving durability
Effortless electonic foot-pedal with high speed servo-positioning digital steering
Quiet, smooth vairable speed operation lets you get closer to the fish
Tapered hub, 3-blade weed-free Machete III prop, designed by Mercury Propeller
Straight line - no torque digital steering, with adjustable foot pedal
Gator Breakaway mounts for big water durability


Model No: DS54 FB Digital
Part No.: 921110010
Thrust: 54
PWM-Pulse Width Modulation: Yes
Volts: 12
Speed: Variable
Shaft Control: 50 in.
Steering: Digital Steering
Steering/Foot Control: ES Servo
360 Steering Pedal Style Time: 2 Sec
Transducers Response: 1
Propeller / # of Blades: Machete (3)
Mount Style: # 16 Breakaway
Finish: FW